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December 11, 2017

Answers to Your Questions About Dental Implants of Collierville

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older woman preparing to eatYou’ve decided that it’s time to do something about your missing teeth, because the years of feeling insecure about your smile have taken a toll on you. You’ve heard a lot of good things about the dental implant process, and you’re considering trying it out. The only thing hindering you, though, are some unanswered questions that you have. Your local dentist has some answers for you about dental implants of Collierville to help you make the best decision.


October 30, 2017

Dental Implants in Collierville Can Be Easily Placed!

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tooth implant dental structureHave missing teeth? Have you experimented with a different tooth replacement option like partial dentures? If those aren’t providing you the results you truly want, you should consider highly successful dental implant placement! In fact, you could have a long-lasting, permanent replacement with a high success rate of at least 95%! Learn more about dental implants in Collierville in this week’s blog post.


August 11, 2017

Your Dentist in Collierville Discusses How to Handle a Dental Emergency

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A man experiencing dental pain.There are two things you can count on when you experience a dental emergency. 1) It will not happen at a convenient time. 2) It may feel frightening, painful, or overwhelming. These feelings are normal, and the first thing you should do is remain calm. The next thing you should do is contact your dentist in Collierville. With the right team on your side, you can rest at ease knowing everything will be all right. It also helps when you know how to manage an emergency situation, so here are some helpful tips on handling common dental emergencies.


July 14, 2017

Why Should I Invest in Teeth Whitening?

Young woman with bright smile following teeth whiteningWhen you meet a new person, what are the first things you notice about them? Research has shown that many people have the same reply – their smiles. If your smile is making such an impact on new people, you should have a smile you’re proud to share. Stained, discolored, and yellowed teeth are some of the many reasons patients of Collierville dentist, Joshua Holcomb, DDS, cite for hiding their smiles. If you’re unhappy with coloring of your teeth, it might be time to consider teeth whitening. Contact our team to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation today. We’ll examine your smile carefully. In most cases, professional teeth whitening is an effective solution for achieving your desired results, and if we determine teeth whitening may not be a great option, Dr. Holcomb will be happy to walk you through alternative cosmetic dentistry solutions.

June 20, 2017

Tips for Good Oral Hygiene with Invisalign in Collierville

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Protect your smile with good oral hygiene when using Invisalign in Collierville. If you have recently made the choice to improve your smile with Invisalign in Collierville, you are making an excellent decision. The clear aligners gradually straighten your teeth while offering many benefits that are not possible with other orthodontic treatments. Not only are they a less noticeable option, but they are far more convenient and none restrictive because there are no wires and brackets. However, you will still need to care for the them. To keep your teeth healthy and your aligners looking great, Dr. Joshua Holcomb has the information you need for good oral hygiene during your treatment.

May 17, 2017

Kid’s Teeth 101 – Tips From Your Family Dentist In Collierville

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In this post, your trusted family dentist in Collierville shares the tips you need to set your kids up for a lifetime of dental success. We don’t have to tell you how great your kids are – and we know just how much they make you smile. And when you do, you wonder if you’re doing everything you should to take care of your children’s teeth. Sure – you make sure they brush, and you’re working on flossing, but are you missing anything when it comes to their oral hygiene? In this post, your respected family dentist in Collierville shares the tips you need to keep your children’s smiles shining bright. Take this course in Kid’s Teeth 101 from Dr. Joshua Holcomb to learn more.


April 28, 2017

Attention: Helpful Tips to Improve Your Chronic Dry Mouth!

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What do you do when you have chronic dry mouth?

Do you constantly feel thirsty? Even after you just tried to quench your thirst, your mouth ends up drier than the Sahara Desert just a few minutes later. Not only is this frustrating, but the chronic bad breath that accompanies dry mouth is embarrassing. Truth be told, chronic dry mouth really isn’t good for your oral health either. The office of Joshua Holcomb, DDS wants you to know the negative effects dry mouth could be having on your health and how to reverse them.


March 15, 2017

Your Collierville Dentist Discusses Caring for Dental Implants

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Caring for dental implants according to Collierville dentist Dr. HolcombCollierville dentist Dr. Joshua Holcomb and his team couldn’t be happier knowing how happy you are with your new dental implants. And because we want you to stay that way, Dr. Holcomb would like to offer you some important tips on how best to care for your dental implants. Read on to learn more about the do’s and don’ts of proper oral hygiene for your implanted restorations.


February 14, 2017

Are Porcelain Veneers In Colliersville Right For Me?

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Porcelain veneers in Colliersville cover gaps.You cannot wish away your smile defects. While your smile is healthy, those dark stains and chipped front teeth hurt your self-confidence. A friend has told you about porcelain veneers from Collier dentist, Dr. Joshua A. Holcomb. Could they be the cosmetic refurbishment you need for a dazzling new look? Find out about veneers and if you qualify for them at a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Holcomb.



January 17, 2017

FAQs on Sedation Dentistry in Collierville

Dr. Joshua Holcomb, sedation dentist in Collierville, answers questions about relaxing medications. Read how oral conscious sedation helps ease worries.Sedation dentistry in allows anxious patients to relax when they undergo any number of preventive, restorative or cosmetic dental procedures. Not just for eliminating pain, sedation relaxes people who struggle with fear of going to the dentist. Dr. Joshua Holcomb, sedation dentist in Collierville, uses nitrous oxide by itself or in combination with oral sedation medications to help people of all ages get the dental care they need.


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