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November 3, 2018

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry and Invisalign in Collierville

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Invisalign aligner.Are you satisfied with your smile? Sometimes, you may see flaws or imperfections in your grin, but you don’t necessarily know how to fix them. Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry offers a wide-range of services that can enhance and transform your smile. But how do you know which services you’d benefit from most? Keep reading to learn about your options and how Invisalign in Collierville may be your best bet for a perfectly straight grin.


October 8, 2018

Cosmetic Dentist in Collierville Explores Trends in Dentistry

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A person receiving teeth whitening.In the past, cosmetic dentistry was only accessible to a very small percentage of the population. Movie stars, fashion models, and other individuals who relied heavily on their appearance would use composite resin to cover imperfections in their teeth, albeit for very short periods of time. Now, more people have access to cosmetic dentistry than ever before. Picking and choosing the treatment that best suits your needs is simple and more affordable.

So what treatments are popular now? How do you decide which is best for your smile? A cosmetic dentist in Collierville explores that and more in today’s blog.


September 3, 2018

Take a Quiz with Your Cosmetic Dentist in Collierville

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Woman smiling.Your smile says a lot about you. Studies show that people with healthy looking smiles are perceived as younger and more confident. Do you have areas of your smile you don’t like? If your grin has imperfections, your trusted cosmetic dentist in Collierville is here to help! There are many different cosmetic dentistry services that can enhance and fix your smile, so how do you know which one is right for you? Take the quiz below to find out!


August 3, 2018

Secure Your Dentures with Dental Implants in Collierville

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Older woman smiling.Do you have dentures? You’ve already made the right decision in replacing your missing teeth, but how do they feel and function? If you’re like most, your dentures can slip or come loose when you talk or chew. This can not only make you feel self-conscious, but it can irritate your gums and mouth as well. If you feel like you could be getting more out of your prosthesis, you’re right. Dentures supported by dental implants in Collierville create a much more stable, easy to use, and comfortable option. Keep reading to learn just how effective implant-retained dentures can be.


July 21, 2018

How Dental Implants in Collierville Can Boost Overall Health

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Missing toothA missing tooth can be a major source of embarrassment, especially when the resulting gap is right in the front of a smile. But did you know that missing a tooth – even a molar in the back of your mouth – can also affect your overall health? Replacing missing teeth is about more than improving one’s outward appearance – it is also important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Keep reading to learn how dental implants in Collierville can benefit your overall health.

June 29, 2018

Correct Your Bite with Invisalign in Collierville

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clear alignerWhen it comes to orthodontics, you often think about the cosmetic benefits Invisalign in Collierville can offer. By correcting the alignment of your teeth, you can smile with confidence. Not to mention, you will improve your oral health by making your teeth easier to clean; however, did you know that the clear aligners offer another benefit as well? They can correct your bite. An improper bite can lead to an array of issues, like difficulty chewing and speaking. Now, you can improve your quality of life with a proper bite without having to spend months wearing braces.

May 25, 2018

5 Reasons A Dentist in Collierville Takes Your Blood Pressure!

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Patient having blood pressure takenThere you are at your bi-annual checkup and cleaning. Since it’s not your favorite place to be, you’re hoping it’s over as soon as possible. But before you’ve even gotten started, the hygienist wants to take your blood pressure. Why? After all, you’re at the dentist, not the doctor’s office!

It might seem like blood pressure has nothing to do with your oral health, but your mouth is connected to the rest of your body and vice versa. Not only that, people assume their dentist only cares about their teeth, but in fact, they care about your overall health as well! Keep reading to learn about five of the most important reasons to have your blood pressure taken at a dentist in Collierville.


April 2, 2018

Dentist in Collierville Says Stop Stressing Over Bruxism!

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man dental painBetween the typical work day, maintaining a balanced family life, workout, and still have time for a hobby, there are a lot of things for American adults to be stressed about. Stress is just something that comes with getting older and gaining more responsibilities—but you shouldn’t let it take over your mental or physical health. In fact, if you’re too stressed your oral health could decline as well.

Stress can cause many people to have unnecessary wear and tear on their teeth from bruxism—or better known as chronic teeth grinding. Learn how your dentist in Collierville can help with your teeth grinding habit in this week’s blog post.


March 3, 2018

5 Tips on Caring for Dental Implants from Your Dentist in Collierville

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woman smiling showing dental implantThe inconveniences of not having a full set of teeth have become a bit overwhelming. In addition, you don’t feel as confident as you used to. But you’ve learned of a great way to restore your smile and full function – dental implants. Your dentist encourages you to look farther down the road, though, by learning 5 ways to care for your new implants, so they’ll last as long as possible.


February 28, 2018

Trust Your Dentist for Pro Teeth Whitening in Collierville!

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white teethWe’re almost a quarter into 2018. Have you met any of your goals yet? If not, it’s not too late. You can still brighten your smile, improve your confidence, and keep striving to reach your goals when you try teeth whitening in Collierville from a professional. Learn more about your safe whitening options in this week’s blog post!


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